March 27, 2012

Super Staples trip

Okay, so I typically only post about grocery shopping trips because that is the sort of thing that most of you are interested in. But, today I had an absolutely AWESOME Staples trip that I had to share!

If you are not already a Staples rewards member- JOIN! Even if you don't buy a ton from Staples it is definitely something to look into. Aside from the rewards you earn from shopping, they will randomly send really, REALLY good coupons, including one that I have gotten a few times now- a $10 off any purchase of $10 or more. There are several restrictions to the coupon including not using it on ink or certain brands, but it is still an amazing coupon.

To make this deal even sweeter, Staples is currently having a Dollar Days sale. Their prices aren't phenomenal, but they are even prices ($2 instead of $1.99) which makes this coupon easier to use since I can make it to a total of exactly $10. Sooo... without further ado... here is the breakdown...

Small clipboards: $1.00 each (these will be PERFECT for my Scentsy order forms!)
Business card holder: $1.00 (again, perfect for my Scentsy displays)
Four pack of Staples tape: $2.00
Scotch packing tape: $2.00 (excited to pick this stuff up because I use a ton of it when I am tagging for Little Britches)
Four pack of super glue: $2.00

Total: $10 before coupon, used $10/$10 purchase... drumroll please... FREEEEE!!! The best part is that, since it was a store coupon, I didn't have to pay any of the tax!!! So, I handed her the coupon, she gave me my stuff!!!!! It was so awesome!!! (Yes, I know I am a loser to get excited for that... I'm good with that!)

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