March 9, 2012

Coats for next year? Check!

I have made it a big goal that I don't buy any of my kids' clothing at anywhere CLOSE to retail. I do this two main ways:

-Buying used
-Shopping for next season

One thing that has been stressing me out it coats. Last year, I was able to get them both really cute coats at Little Britches. But, I was worried leading up to Little Britches that I wouldn't be able to find a coat for each of them, and then I ended up having to spend a fair amount on gloves and hats since they didn't really have any at Little Britches that matched.

So I decided that I would buy their coats ahead of time, even if the coats cost me a little more than they would at Little Britches. I figure that this will prevent me from stressing about getting the coats before it is cold and allow me to buy the hats and gloves to match while they are on sale!

Today, Jameson and I went to the mall to get mommy some new sunglasses (to replace the ones that Delaney so kindly broke) and took a little detour to the kids clothes. And what do I find???? Coats at JcPenney for each kiddo for $9! Plus, a super cute hat, gloves and scarf set for Delaney that matches PERFECTLY for only $2! They didn't have any of that stuff for Jameson that I liked, but I think it will be an easy enough color scheme to work with (Jameson actually picked his coat out. Apparently red is his favorite color today... He actually picked Delaney's out, but that was the one I was going to get her anyway. I love it!)

And, by the way, if you live in the Manhattan area, they still have a TON left! They also have some for girls that are $12 but come with snow-pants. I was tempted, but we don't really play in the snow enough to justify snow-pants, even at $3 more!

(Please ignore my unmade bed. I don't even have an excuse except "whatever")

Now, I may end up seeing a better deal on coats closer to summer or next year at Little Britches, but I am willing to take the risk for my sanity. And, actually, the amount that I saved on Delaney's accessories and probably will save for Jameson's will probably make up for the difference that I could have saved at Little Britches, so that makes me feel better. :)

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