January 31, 2012

I love grocery store sales

I normally don't do a ton of grocery shopping the week in between Shaun's paychecks. However, I had a little wiggle room in the budget and there were some AMAZING deals this week.

Ray's Apple Market

Best choice coffee: 1 @ 3.79 (Not on sale but I ran out of coffee- it is best for my family that I am not out of coffee)

2 Pork roasts:
2.13 lb and 2.5 lb @ $.98/lb= $4.51

1 Bag of chicken breast @ $4.99

1 Gallon of milk:
Full milk punch card= FREE!!!!

6 Yoplait greek yogurt @$.98 ea.
Used 3 $.50/2 coupons, doubled to $1= $.48 ea

Now, I was looking at my receipt and noticed that there weren't enough coupons listed. When I gave him two of my Yoplait coupons he had to manually enter them. It seems that he entered them as store coupons, which don't double. So, I actually only took $2, not $3 off my price. I could go back and argue about the $1, but I didn't feel like it was worth the argument since I was on my way home when I figured it out. Oh well!.

Total with tax: $18.56

This trip, I think, is a good example of how I stock up on sales, not just coupons. Meat coupons are pretty rare, but by stocking up when it is at a good price, we can eat yummy meat without breaking the bank!


Now, some couponers don't find value in stores like Aldi. I completely disagree. I think that, because we try to cook from scratch and minimize processed foods as much as possible, I miss out on some of the coupon deals (which I'm okay with). I love Aldi for milk and produce! I do know that some think Aldis doesn't have great produce, but I am always pleased with ours. They usually put 3 or 4 produce items on sale every week and this helps us always have fresh fruit and veggies around without spending much at all.

2% milk (which, by the way, I bought full. Jameson couldn't wait for the picture to be taken to get his milk). $2.89

Skim milk $2.79

Pineapple $.99

3 Avacodoes: $.29 each

Bag of oranges: $1.49

Bag of baby carrots: $.49

Whole wheat bread: $.99 (I normally buy my bread at Dillons for $.88, but I forgot. Oh well!)

Graham crackers: $1.59

Granola bars: $1.49

Total with tax: $14.65

Dillons was having a Mega Event. This means that when you buy 10 participating items, you save $5.00, or $.50 off each item. My totals are with that $.50 off. Mega Events are my FAVORITE!!! I can always get lower prices at these sales than normal and will really use them to stock up!
6 Mom's Cereal @ $.99:
Used 2 $1.00/2 coupons (yeah, this means that I didn't have coupons for two of the boxes. I needed a few more items to get up to a group of 10. $1.00 is my buy at price, so I didn't mind getting a few, even without the coupons)
2 fr$.99, 4 @ $.49

3 Kleenex Cool touch @ $.99
Used 1 $.40 coupon, doubled to $.80 and 2 $.50 coupons doubled to $1.00.
1 @ $.19, 2 @ FREE!!!!

6 Kleenex with lotion @ $.99
Used 2 $1.00/3 coupons
$.66 each

1 Honey Bunches of Oats @$1.99
Used 1 $1.00/1 coupon

4 Sunny Ds @ $.99
Used 2 $.50/2 coupons, doubled to $1.00
$.49 each

1 Velveeta Shells and cheese @ $1.29
Used $.75 eCoupon

2 Cans Hormel chili @ $.78
Used $.50/2 coupon, doubled to $1.00

2 Daisy sour creams @ $1.99
Used 1 $.55 coupon, doubled to $1.00

16 Hunts tomatoes $.49
Used 2 $.40/2 coupons, double to $1.00, 2 $.60/3 coupons, 2 $1.00/3 coupons ($.40 and $.60 coupons doubled to $.80 and $1.00)
4 @ $.09, 8 @ $.19

2 Bar S Franks $.88 (not part of the Mega Event)
$1.00 off any Bar S purchase
$.38 ea

Now, for those of you math wizzes out there: you can probably see that I got 41 Mega Events items, which is not a multiple of 10. I apparently miscounted, so one of those items was actually $.50 more. But, that is better than have one too few and paying $5.00 more!

I also got back a $2.00 off my next order from Kleenex.

Total with tax: $20.02

And if you count the $2.00 off my next order, it is $18.02!

This was one of my better couponing trips. My total before coupons and sales was was $76.08. Going with the $20.02 total, my savings was 76%, so I paid about a quarter of retail!

An unexpected side perk of this shopping trip was that my receipt provided entertainment for Jameson. He loves receipts and calls them "tickets" (weird child). Because the coupons each take up a line- two when the double, and the mega event savings take up a line for each $.50 deduction, my receipt was ridiculously long! Jameson was thoroughly impressed by it:

And, by the way, mommy's old page reinforcements were discovered, if you can't tell by his shirt.



  1. I love how excited your son is over the receipt. Kids are so fun that way-being excited over little things that are big to them!

    I love Dillons deals!

    1. He loved receipts! Whenever I get gas and he is in the car, he always checks to see if I got his "ticket". He will hold on to that darned thing like a prize possession. Woo hoo for cheap thrills!

  2. Another thing I LOVE about Dillon's receipts are all the "deals" on the back. We are Ihop frequenters because of the $7 off coupon on the back of Dillon's receipts!

  3. Your family will never feel hunger in weeks, after having bought all that! It is alright to splurge on consumable items like food and toiletries. After all, these are things that we need to survive. That’s why it’s great if you can get them at a cheaper price, right? If I may add, it amazes me how most moms always find ways to get better deals.

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