February 23, 2012

Things to do when "Mommy, Jameson, Laney days" are everyday!

When I have the day off work, I explain this to Jameson as a "Mommy, Jameson, Laney day". In just over two months, these days will be everyday. I am, of course, VERY excited. But, I am also nervous.

Since they will no longer be going to daycare I am concerned about them getting in enough social time. I am wanting to make sure to give my kiddos plenty of opportunities for social interaction. Here are the ideas I have come across so far:

-Gymnastics Plus Open Gym
-ZooFari Trails
-Library storytimes
-Wee Wigglers class and adventures (preschool type classes for Jameson's age)
-Zoo Classes (Jameson has gone to several of these and loved them!)

I have also found a playgroup on Meetup.com but I haven't heard anything back from them yet.

Since we live 30 minutes away from pretty much any activities I am going to have to be careful to create a balance between getting them enough social time, not overloading the kiddos with car trips, and watching the gas budget. It would be awesome if I could find some activities closer to our home but our area is pretty small so it might be a little difficult!

I would love to know if any of you have ever tried any of these activities and what you thought of them! I would also love to hear of any other activities in the Manhattan, Riley, or Randolph areas! I am open to any and everything!


  1. Brandy,
    CONGRATS!! being a stay at home momma is wonderful. (for your whole family!).
    There are 3 activities I'm part of that I wouldn't trade for anything.
    1-MOPS!! It's wonderful and Bible based. I meet with the Abilene group and pay around $60 a year. This includes 2 meetings/month, free childcare and around 45 moms +kiddos. It's amazing, I've met many dear friends through this group. I know one Manhattan group charges around $2 per child for daycare.
    2-Parents As Teachers. Most school districts provide this free of charge. I've met many mom's in SOLOMON that stay at home. Started a small play group at my house and attend monthly meetings where the kids get to interact.
    3- A small group bible study. Through my connections at MOPS I met 3 ladies and we meet weekly for a bible study. Currently we are studying "A Woman After God's Own Heart" but have done other studies also. We pay a small amount to cover daycare of the 2 hour Bible Study. The kids get great interaction time and the mom's get a spiritual boost!
    I've gone to a few story times and love them also, but my weeks are so busy with the other 3 activities that we don't get to go often.

    1. I am definitely excited about checking out MOPS. I am really excited to have some version of "mommy time" in a Christian environment.

  2. Parents as Teachers is a pretty good program. We got involved after Jack's stint in the NICU so I would have outside help in monitoring his development but it's great because she will also show me different learning activities to do with the girls as well.
    Story time at the library is fun and you will meet other SAHM of tots as well.
    BUT, and I hope this makes you feel better, I have a little story to share with you:
    Addie starts kindergarten this fall and last summer, I expressed my concerns to our Parents as Teachers lady that I felt like I should enroll her in some sort of preschool program so she would be exposed to more social interaction plus learning in a classroom environment before going to kindergarten. Renel, that is her name, told me that even though preschools are great for some families, that she has noticed that kids learn more from the one on one attention a stay at home mom can provide. She said kids who were blessed with a mom who is pro-active in their education are actually better prepared for kindergarten than a child who spent a year in a preschool classroom. Whoa. Well, that is all great and stuff BUT what about the social aspect of it? She said that children who have siblings get all the social interaction they need.
    So basically, don't stress about Jameson and Delaney getting enough social interaction, they have each other!
    Oh and Addie did end up going to a half day preschool program but only because she asked to not because I felt that she needed it. :) It's only for 3 hours a day and it falls right at lunch/naptime so she gets to play with friends while the younger two nap. It works out perfectly for our family.
    So excited for you to be able to stay home with your babies soon!

    1. I SOOO wish we had Parents As Teachers here, but our district is just too small. Jameson and Delaney are buds so I think they definitely get a lot of social interaction, but I think Jameson really misses having kids his own age around. There used to be several kids a little older than him at the sitters and he really thrived on it.

      Do you do any particular learning activities with your kids? I do some now, but am definitely wanting to amp it up once I am at home.

  3. You can find lots of different activities online. I am a big fan of Rachel's (from Following in my Shoes) "School in the Kitchen" blog (http://networkedblogs.com/ud7Gv) She has lesson plans and everything. :)
    She doesn't update it very often any more but there is a ton of information still available.

  4. Scratch that! Here is the REAL url:


    1. Thanks! I'll have to check that out!

    2. You might check if your school district has full-day kindergarten. Solomon only offers full-day kindergarten, and I feel kind of obligated to send her to half-day preschool to get adjusted being at school. While this is a few years away for me.... just something to think about.

    3. That is definitely something good to consider. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks!

  5. There is a PAT in our district, which may only be SLIGHTLY bigger than yours... or if you are income eligible (now that you'll be down to the one) you might check into the early head start program in Riley county. Manhattan's SHOULD cover the whole county. Its like PAT but for income eligible families.

    1. They just have a child check in our district- which is AWESOME. (They identified Jameson's fine motor delay and really helped me figure out how to help him). I will definitely look into head start. I have heard good things about it.