February 8, 2012

That whole debt thing...

I just wanted to post a little brag...

I am part of a zero credit card debt family!!!!

Oh how long I have been wanting to write those words!!!!!!! 

Can I just say how AMAZING it feels to know that there is no longer a credit card company eating our money each month??? 

We are now on to our next goal- building our emergency savings fund. :)

Soon I will share the news on what this means for becoming a stay at home mom, but we have a few little things to work out before I feel comfortable sharing that news with the blogging world!

Thanks for letting me brag a little!


  1. What awesome news about the credit cards! You rock and I can't wait until you are a SAHM... we will have to plan playdates this summer (if it happens that soon that is) at the pool!