February 15, 2012

Shopping trip: Where the stocking up savings show

I have talked extensively about how stocking up during sales saves money. This week's shopping trip is an excellent example.

This week happens to be one of those "there aren't really any good deals" weeks. This means that I am able to keep to a pretty minimal shopping list and save the grocery budget for later. My total was $63.12, which will give us milk and produce for 1 week and two weeks worth of dinners. I will have another milk and produce shopping trip in between the weeks.


6 gallons of milk (yes, 6. We are ridiculous like that)
3 skim @ $2.65 each
2 2% @ $2.76 each
1 whole @ $2.79 each

Tortilla chips: $1.19
Oranges: $1.48/bag
Paprika: $.99
Aldi brand Ro'Tel: 2 @ $.59 each
Flour tortillas: $.99
Kidney beans: 2 @ $.55 each
Red grapes: $1.58 @ clamshell
Marshmallows: $.99
Bananas: 3.91 lbs at $.44/lb
Sugar: $2.04
Flour: $1.48
Granola bars: $1.59

Total: $35.38


Black beans: 2 @ $.69 each
Bread: 2 @ $.88 each
Reach floss: 1 @ 1.00, used $.50 coupon (printed at the register at my last Dillons trip), doubled to $1.00= free
Brown rice: $.75
Pyrex bakeware: (I was super excited to find this clearance deal. I have been needing a pie pan for awhile and I love to have a bunch of casserole dishes around for freezer cooking and I LOVE Pyrex)
Casserole dishes: 2 @ $2.50
Pie pan: 1 @ $1.50

Total: $11.32

Ray's Apple Market

8 lb bag of potatoes: $1.98
Boneless porkchops: 1.98 lbs for $4.27
8 oz cheese blocks: 6 @ $1.48 each

Total: $16.42

I am going to try to get my menu plan posted later (yes, I know that's a little backwards- oh well). However, I currently have two crazy children literally running circles around me, so that will have to wait...

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