March 4, 2012


Yesterday we went to the Butterflies! exhibit at the mall and loved it! For $2 a person, it was a frugal little treat for all of us. I love to go to these kinds of things because we can have a fun, educational experience for the kids that fits well within our budget. They also limit the group that is in at a time, so it wasn't overly crowded like I was afraid it would be.

Delaney was a little freaked but enjoyed them. But Jameson was a pro! He was so gentle and wanted to hold one after the other!

Delaney loved to look at them but wasn't interested in holding any. She tried to grab at a few but, luckily, there were no casualties!

Jameson learned a lot. When we got home we talked about how catepillars change to butterflies, so Jameson now knows all about "metmorfsesess" (aka, metamorphosis).

Apparently Shaun's hat attracted the butterflies somehow because there was always at least one on his hat.

My attempt at getting a good photo quality one. Note: Don't expect to get good butterfly pictures when you have two small children with you...

I was just so proud of Jameson. He did such a good job. He used to be afraid of EVERYTHING. A year ago this would have freaked him out. 

Delaney is thinking "What the heck is on your finger grandma!"

Before we went in, Jameson found a little butterfly toy he wanted. I was considering getting it for him since it was only $2. But, after we left, we found this free butterfly craft instead and he forgot all about the toy! Score! 

I am now wishing that we would have gotten a little butterfly garden, though. I haven't found them cheaper online and the ones there partially go to United Way, so I might stop in before they leave to pick one up.

If you are in the Manhattan area you should definitely stop in and check it out!

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