March 2, 2012

Shopping trips for this week

As I mentioned in my menu plan, I didn't do an awesome job of planning by what we had on hand this week. I didn't have to buy a ton of meat since we were stocked up, so that helped. I also didn't need to buy any milk yet because I stocked up last month with money that I had leftover from my food budget.


2 Loaves Kroger Value whole wheat bread: $.88 each
2 Cucumbers: $.48 each
Whole wheat flour: $2.65 (I am trying to get back to using whole wheat flour since I had gotten bad about it and I think it is really important to get those whole grains in. Does anyone have any awesome tips for scoring cheaper flour? I haven't seen anywhere in town I can buy it in bulk for less than $2.65 for 5 pounds)
Kroger black beans: $.69
Celery: $1.38
2 32oz Yoplait yogurt: $1.99 each, used two $.50 off coupons, doubled for $1.00= $.99 each
1 Lara bar, used eCoupon to get it FREE! (No longer available, but go to everyday through Tuesday to load a special coupon)
Kroger bacon: Clearanced to $.99
Bagged salad: Clearanced to $1.49, used $1.00 store coupon that came in a booklet, $.49

Total: $18.02


Boneless, skinless chicken breast: $1.49/lb, 3.57 pounds total, $5.33 total
2 Arm & Hammer detergent: $2.48 each, used 1 $1.00/2 coupon, $1.98 each
2 Crest toothpaste: Used raincheck for $.98 each, had 2 $1.00 coupons, overage of $.04 total

Total 10.30

Chewy granola bars: $1.59
2 pounds ground beef: $2.79 each (Aldi doesn't sell their ground turkey rolls anymore!!!! If anyone knows of how to score great ground turkey deals please share!)
Kidney beans: $.59 
Grapes: $1.58
Tater tots: $1.89
Chicken broth: $1.29
Butter: $2.29
Feta cheese: $1.99
Oranges: $1.48
3 Avacados: $.19 each= $.57 total
Roma tomatoes: $.79
Corn tortillas: $1.19
1 Paper bag (failed at the "put reusable bags back in van" mission"): $.06

Total: $22.63


Let me preface this post with saying that Hyvee has all of their Kellogs cereal 50% off. Even if you don't coupon you should hit up this sale because it makes most of it cheaper than store brand. Let me also let you know that the kids aren't for sale, they just thought the ridiculous cereal pile was fun. Also, before you think I am a bad mom for buying all this sugary cereal, you should know that my kids don't eat a ton of cereal, these are the kinds that Shaun likes...

I got a total of 22 boxes. Yes, 22. I am ridiculous, whatever. Sometimes a sale and coupon are just too good. I had 4 $5.00/5 Kelloggs cereal coupons. The only restriction on these coupons were that they had to be at least 10 oz, which means that these coupons were AWESOME! I also had an additonal two coupons, which gave me this:

2 boxes frosted chocolate mini wheats little: $1.74 each, had 2 $.70 coupons, $1.04 each

Here is the breakdown of the rest. I have just posted the price after the $1.00 taken off for the coupons. It's just easier that way!:

1 box Crispix: $.79
1 box Fruit loops w/marshmallows: $.99
2 boxes fruit loops: $.92 each
2 boxes Smart Start: $.99 each
1 box Apple jacks: $.92
1 box Frosted flakes: $.99
2 boxes Krave: $.93 each
3 boxes Raisin bran: $.99 each
5 boxes Big frosted mini wheats: FREE!!! (These were actually a discontinued variety so they were $1.00 each before the coupon. I can't tell you how tempting it was to just get 20 boxes free, but I think we would have grown rather sick of them)

I also had a 10% coupon I got here. I was able to apply this before coupons to reach the $25 minimum.

Total: $15.33.  (My receipt shows a total savings of $57.68!) Works out to about $.69 a box! Considering my buy-at price for cereal is $1.00 I am good with that!!


  1. These are whole wheat (half and half) and SO light and fluffy and SO good! Just you posting that you're trying to use whole wheat flour more and then me remembering those biscuits is forcing me to go make some now.

    1. Ooh! Those look tasty! I have never made homemade biscuits before! I might have to try these!