March 10, 2012

Milk stock up!

I didn't have much shopping to do this week since it is an in-between-week. I did pick up some milk on Wednesday, which reminds me...

If you are in the Manhattan area, I have discovered that Rays, not Aldi, is the best deal on milk! Aldi milk is in the $2.79/gallon ballpark. Rays is $2.99, BUT they have a punch card where for every 12 gallons you buy, you get a gallon free. That used to make it pretty much the same price as Aldi. However, I recently discovered double punch Wednesday! Every Wednesday, they punch your card twice for every gallon you get! So you only have to get 6 gallons to get one free! This makes it about $2.56/gallon! Woo hoo!

Anyway, that is not what this post is about! As you have previously discovered, between recipes that call for milk and drinking milk, we go through a lot of milk. I have actually limited the milk consumption in many ways, but because I have a milk addict hubby and even worse milk addict children, I have pretty much accepted that milk is going to be a chunk of our budget. Which means that whenever I can find a good deal on milk, I stock up! Since you can freeze milk for use in recipes, I always check the dairy section for mark downs on near expiration date milk or buttermilk and stock up! I happened to run into Rays to check on a few deals and happened upon the dairy section while they were marking down! Score!

Here is the breakdown:

5 quarts of lowfat Buttermilk @$.60 each
1 half gallon of lowfat buttermilk @$1.05
4 half gallons of skim milk @$1.00
1 gallon of vitamin D milk (Delaney was out of her whole milk) using punch card free gallon= free!!

I can't find my reciept right now, but it all came out to $9 something with tax. I stuck all the buttermilk in the freezer to use when I make pancakes and such. The skim milk actually was about 5 days from its expiration date so we will probably get it consumed before it is in the yuck zone. Yea for a good milk stock-up!


  1. I didn't know you could freeze milk and it still be good after it thaws!! Thanks for sharing:) I will have to start checking out Ray's since we go through a lot of milk

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    2. Heck yeah! Any grocery store will do milk mark downs, but Rays is the best in our area. I don't think frozen milk would be any good for drinking, but it is awesome for cooking! You should definitely check out their punch card. Plus, each punch card you fill enters you for a year of free milk (I think that it what it is for, anyway). Plus, they are just so incredibly nice in there!

    3. My mom went there when she visited. She said the people were super nice! I am definitely going to have to try those pancakes, Rowynn LOVES pancakes:) I cant believe how close you are to being a SAHM I bet your babies will be so happy!!