November 12, 2011

Little Britches Consignment Sale

My haul this year! (Sorry for the bad picture- it was super hard to fit it all in one frame!)

When Jameson was a baby I decided to check out this thing I had heard of called the Little Britches Consignment Sale. I really didn't know much about it, but I was out garage sailing so I thought it would check it out. That first sale, I think I spent about $30 and I was so happy! I can't tell you exactly what I bought that first sale, but I remember specifically that I had to track down a bag because my arm was getting tired from carrying everything. And the quality was amazing! I got items that looked next to new for dollars! Yes, the prices were higher than the garage sales, but the quality and sorted sizes made it worth it! I was instantly addicted.

Since then, I have volunteered at every sale and have sold at the last two (including this one). I have it down to an art now from how much I am willing to pay for clothing items the rest of the year (could I beat this price at the next Little Britches Sale?) to my very specific lists of what my kids have and what they need to which order I need to track my items down in once I am at the sale (based on how badly we need them and how fast that item tends to go at the sale).

Being a volunteer and a consignor, I have quite the deal. As a volunteer, there are only a handful of people who get to shop before me, so I (along with a herd of other volunteers) get pretty much the pick of the sale. Then, as a consignor, I get a 30 minute head start on the 1/2 price sale. I love that, between these two "advantages" I am able to get almost everything both my kiddos need for their wardrobes for considerably less than I could even imagine paying at retail. It just takes committing just 4 hours of time to volunteering (which I actually really enjoy as I always work with some really fun ladies) and taking the time to tag my clothes for sale (okay, I don't even want to talk about how long this takes, but between the 1/2 price sale perk and the check I will get in a few weeks that will (hopefully) pay for a huge chunk of our Christmas presents this year, it is absolutely worth it). If I didn't volunteer and consign I would still be able to find amazing stuff, but I love having first pick, and I feel like there is a little less elbow throwing and rudeness from fellow shoppers when you all understand the work that goes into the sale.

This year I set myself a budget of $100. I have had this money set back for weeks (the sale got bumped back a month this year due to construction so that money has just been waiting in my savings account!) and I was really hoping that I could stick to it! I am so pleased to say that I actually came in under budget! I got a super nice coat for each kid (Delaney's is a down Gap one that looks brand new!), some sweaters (including a super cute Gymboree one I got for $1 at the half price sale- I really don't know how I scored this deal!), two dresses for Delaney, some PJs for each, jeans, shirts, shoes for Delaney, 4 books (there are only two pictured because Jameson had already put two "away") a play purse for my little girl and an astronaut dress up costume for the boy(complete with a talking helmet!) for just over $80!!! And a lot of it is name brand (which I love because these will generally last longer and sell better at the next sale) including Gap and Gymboree. Almost $20 under budget!!

I will admit that I was nervous about the sale because it was put off a month. Boy, was I wrong! I thought that the quality and prices were both outstanding this year, and I spent very little time in line (though I was waiting to go into the sale for 45 minutes, but that was by choice and the little boy of the girl in front of me was super entertaining so I didn't mind at all!) If you are in the Manhattan area and have never gone you are MISSING OUT!!!! I highly recommend it!

The stuff for the little monkey to complete his closet

Our little punky needed almost a complete fall/winter wardrobe!

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