April 28, 2012

My Little Britches scores this sale!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Little Britches Consignment sale??? (For more info on this sale, visit their site that I linked up there or my post about the last sale).

I shopped Friday night with the volunteer presale and then again at the half price sale on Saturday afternoon. I had budgeted $100 plus the $10 Britches Bucks I had won a few weeks back (can we say EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!) In in the end, I spent just over $78, total (after my Britches bucks), so $22 under budget! Now, I do still have some things I need to finish out their spring/summer wardrobes, so I need to get some more shopping done elsewhere, but I definitely put a huge dent in it!

Oh, yeah. About that "them needing new wardrobes" thing. I am just getting into the benefits of my previous pre-buying the season before. So I thought, Awesome! I will be set and will just need to finish things off. However, those plans get a little wrench thrown in them when your son decides to have a ridiculous growth spurt that pushes him in the next size for shirts (and officially puts him back in that annoying phase where no pants are both the right length and fit the waist. Ugh), and when your daughter decides to fully take on her momma's booty and need to pretty much skip 2T and go right to 3T (a size her older brother still wears in most pants). But back to the fun part- shopping!

Here was my total haul minus a remote control car that Jameson wasn't willing to part with for a picture. $3 well spent!

Delaney's haul- including a like new Gymboree outfit, 3 sets of summer jammies, a nice little dress, some shirts, jeans, little outfits, and that adorable Cheerleader outfit (more on that further on)

Jameson's stuff- several new t-shirts in 4T, a little dress shirt, some dress pants, little striped shorts, a like new red polo, several "comfy shorts" as Jameson calls them, and some Thomas the Train books.

So, again, not as many items as I am really needing, but I really got some things that I love...

I got these 10 Thomas the Train books for just $5 total, or $.50 a book! We actually stashed these away so that we can pull them out the morning of Jameson surgery so he can have a distraction.

I got this Gymboree button up shirt for just $2 at the presale! I love these little shirts because you can roll up the sleeves in the spring and summer and then they work great in the spring/summer as well!

Finally, Delaney's new cheerleader outfit that I got for $5! I have wanted one of these for her since I found out I was having a girl when I was pregnant with her so I was so excited to get it, especially for such an amazing price!!

In the end, I had a great sale! I haven't gotten any numbers back for my consigned items, but I picked up a fraction of what I dropped off, so I am excited about that! I also volunteered with a group of really fun, hard-working people so it was really great! Now to just start the countdown to the fall/winter sale!! :)


  1. Thinking about you today as you get to STAY AT HOME with your kiddos. I know it will be so rewarding.

    1. That's so sweet of you! It hasn't really sunk in yet! Lol!

  2. so fun to see the cutie who gets to wear our (former) cheer outfit! :)

    1. How neat! She was very excited about it, and she is only 21 months! I love seeing when other people buy our stuff! It makes it a little easier to get rid of those things when you see someone else enjoy it!