May 1, 2012

Menu plan

My menu plan has changed a bit now that I am staying at home! It is definitely more challenging to make a menu plan for three meals a day instead of just one since they were eating most breakfasts and lunches at the sitter's. It is also an added budget challenge to provide more meals a day, but I am determined to stay within the same budget. I have actually decreased our food budget by $10 a month so that we can up our tithe (that is ridiculously low).

Remember that this meal plan is for a two week period. It is also a little amended since Jameson has his surgery on Monday.

So here we go:

Homemade cinnamon rolls
Homemade poptarts (I actually made these today- they are alright, but considering the work that goes into them and the not-so-nutritional value they have, I probably won't make them again. But if you are a poptart addict they are definitely a better alternative!)
Flourless oatmeal raisin cookies
French toast
(I'll rotate through these as needed)

PB sandwiches x3
Snacky lunch x2
Leftover roast (sandwiches maybe???)
Leftover Haystacks
Spaghetti (we don't have this for dinner hardly ever because Shaun hates it- weird!!!)
Cheese quesadillas
Leftover enchilada casserole
Homemade mac and cheese
Leftover chicken parm casserole
Sloppy joes
Eat out x2 (one when we were grocery shopping today and I am planning for picking up food the day of Jameson's surgery)
Leftover beans and rice

Homemade pizza x2
Pasta and sauce
Breaded chicken
Hamburgers on the grill
Garlic chicken
Chicken and black bean casserole
Southwest rollups
Chicken Parmesan casserole
Breakfast for dinner
Rice and beans

Homemade granola bars
Orange cream smoothies
Homemade applesauce (from the freezer)

There will probably be some tweaking after the few week or two, especially with the lunches as I figure out what works best for us! Anyone with suggestions for easy, quick, healthy, unprocessed, and possible portable lunches- throw them out there!


  1. First, how does anyone not like spaghetti? And how have I known Shaun for so long without knowing that about him? That freaks me out a little bit.

    Second, your menu plans make me feel like an underachiever (but good for you, though!). Please tell me it will be easier to cook meals when Jackson gets older. We're still in the whining and tugging phase every time I cook, and I find I'm just not motivated enough to cook a bunch of food at once to do it ahead of time.

    1. I know! He is a freak!

      And my breakfasts are all made in large batches ahead of time, and they typically entertain themselves while I make meals. It will get easier as he gets older! Jameson was actually still tough at Delaney's age, but Delaney is entertained by Jameson, so that helps a lot.