May 19, 2012

Shopping trips for the week

This was kind of an exciting shopping week for me. This is the week that I normally do a larger amount of shopping because it is the week I buy for the next 2-3 weeks worth of meals. However, when I sat down to do my menu plan, I discovered that I really didn't need to buy much! I was able to use what I had in the pantry and freezer to cover most of my meals, so I just needed to pick up a few things here and there and grab some deals I needed to get! It is so exciting when I have weeks like this because it makes all my couponing/stockpiling worth it!


Ibuprofen: 2 @ $.99 each, had 2 $1.00/1 pain relief item Target coupon= FREE!!!
2 Barilla whole wheat pastas: 2 @ $1.37 each, had 2 $1.00/1 coupons (no longer available)= $.37 each
2 Up and up aluminum foils: $1.29 each, had two $.75/1 Target coupons (no longer available) = $.54 each
2 packs face sponges: $1.77 each, had two $.75/1 Target coupons= $1.02 each
3 Boxes Market pantry pasta: $1.02 each, had one $1.00/3 pasta Target coupons= $2.06 for all three

Total with tax: $6.57


6 packs sliced cheese: $1.00 each
5 allergy relief packs: $1.00 each
1 Ella's Kitchen Red one smoothie snack: $1.00, had a $1.00/1 Ella's Organic product: FREE!!!

Total with tax: $11.99


Baby carrots: $.49
Chocolate chips: $1.79
Tortillas: $.99
Turkey ham lunch meat: $2.79
Ground turkey: $1.49
Black beans: $.59 each
Rotel: $.59
Canned corn: $.39
Rotini pasta: $.99

Total with tax: $12.56

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