May 15, 2012

Shopping trips for last week

Okay, I am (yet again) a tad late getting these up. My goal is to get them up over the weekend before the sales end so that you have the opportunity to take advantage of the deals I find. Hopefully I will start getting better now that Jameson is starting to feel better and my life starts to get back to normal!


Merona shirt: On sale for $6, had a $3/1 coupon= $3
2 Banana boat sunscreens: $.97 each, had two $1/1 Banana boat items coupons= FREE!!!
1 Coppertone sunscreen: $.97, had a $1/1 Coppertone coupon= FREE!!!

Used Target debit card to get 5% off

Total with tax: $3.03


1 bag baby carrots: $.77
6 bags vegetables: $.69 each
2 Jars Jif peanut butter: $1.77 each, had 2 $.55 coupons (no longer available)= $1.22 each

Total with tax: $8.11


10 blocks of cheese: On sale for $1.00 each (by far the best price I have seen since I started watching my grocery budget!)

Total with tax: $10.81


4 Planters peanut butter: $1.98 each, had 2 $1/2 Planters Peanut Butter 04/29/2012 SS Insert (exp 05/27/2012)= $1.48 each
1 half gallon milk: $1.99 (I got this to make homemade yogurt. I will try to do a blog post about this soon now that I know I can actually do it!)
2 gallons skim milk: Marked down to $.99 each (I stuck these in the freezer to use for baking)
2 Kemps ice cream novelties: $2.98 each, had $1/2 coupon, $2.48 each (not an amazing deal, but I needed the ice cream sandwiches to make this for Mother's Day)

Total with tax: $16.29

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