May 9, 2012

My little trooper

On Monday Jameson had his tonsils and adenoids taken out as well as got ear tubes. Beforehand I did all the prep I can (because that is what I do when I am anxious about something). I stocked up on ice cream, pudding, popsicles and yogurt. I also picked up a few books for Jameson at consignment sale so he would have a special treat when we were waiting for his surgery since I knew he would be nervous.

The night before we decided it would be best to have Delaney stay with grandma so that we wouldn't have to stress about getting her somewhere early in the morning and could just focus on Jameson. We were really nervous about this whole thing because Jameson LOVES his grandma and loves spending the night there, so we were concerned that he would get mad that sissy was getting to stay there and he wasn't. Since he is really too old to just not notice that she wasn't there, we pretty much had to be honest with him. In order to get him excited instead of mad about it, we told him that when we got home we would have a super secret campout. That pretty much did the trick. When we got to Shaun's mom's house, Jameson ran in and told his aunt that "we are only dropping sissy off. We can't stay, we have to go to our super secret campout". I told him that he wasn't supposed to tell the secret, so when grandma got home he told her that he couldn't tell her what we were doing because it was a secret. Hilarious! Well, I guess I am letting the cat out of the bag, because I am not only telling you about our campout, I have pictures:

The next morning we tried to keep things pretty calm so that he wouldn't be upset. Luckily he was in a pretty good mood (sometime soon, once we actually have it figured out, I will blog about our new routine that has caused a 180 degree mood change in our kids!) We told him that we were going to a special doctor that was going to help him sleep better. As always, he asked if he could bring a toy and I told him yes (if that kid only knew- I probably would have let him bring just about anything that morning!). He chose his Curious George stuffed animal and three of his Thomas trains (more specifically, Gordon, Edward, and James- his favorites). I put him in comfy clothes (he is all about the comfy pants right now) and headed into town. Shaun and I were careful to have our breakfasts eaten before we got him up since he couldn't eat anything. He actually didn't ask for anything until right before his surgery, so we really lucked out.

Once we got there and got all checked in, we were taken back to the pre-op room. He was a little anxious about going back, but the nurse was super nice and really eased his fears. I also told him that he got a surprise when he got back there (the Thomas books) so that helped. Once we got back they weighed him in (while holding Curious George that he didn't want to put down) and listened to his heart, etc. He was visibly unsure but doing pretty well. No matter how much coaxing he did he had no interest in wearing the gown (gotta admit- little disappointed since I think that would have been super cute) so he did his surgery in just his comfy pants. When the scrub nurse came to take him back and said we couldn't go with him I was certain we were in for the meltdown I had been waiting on. He was very resistant until he was informed that there was a button he got to push (being the button going back to the operating room) and he was won over. He walked hand in hand with the nurse down the long hall. I peeked out just in time to see him jump up to hit the button. I really wish I would have gotten a picture- he just looked so big and little all at the same time walking through that big door to the OR carrying Curious George.

During his surgery we went back to the waiting room with my mom. I was really nervous, but, luckily, my mom and I just sat and talked the whole time and really kept my mind off of it.

When they came to get us to talk to us about the surgery they sat us in a little room (which they do with every patient due to HIPAA laws). We had to wait about three LONG minutes for the surgeon. I have no idea why, but I had a horrible feeling while we were waiting. His surgery was only about 45 minutes when they told us it would last an hour, so I was really freaking out that something had gone wrong. When his surgeon walked in I braced myself, only for him to tell us that everything went great (sigh of relief). He gave us brief instructions and then sent us back to wait with my mom until Jameson was awake enough to see.

Then came the heartbreaking part. When I turned the corner to the recovery area, I could instantly hear my baby crying. Ugh! I wanted to rip him out of the nurses arms the minute I got there. He sat on my lap for awhile before we had to start trying the fluids. If your kiddo ever has to have their tonsils out, let me let you in on something- this is the WORST part. He was absolutely resistant to the fluids. After trying a million different methods and fluids, we eventually had to resort to squirting it with a syringe into his mouth. The whole time he would scream that he just wanted a hug (his way to get his face hidden in my shoulder- and to break my heart!)

Snuggles with daddy after surgery

Eventually we got all the fluids in him and got to go home. As soon as the IV was out he really perked up and started talking about wanting to play. The entire afternoon with him was a battle to get him to drink fluids, but we eventually learned a trick that involved, "you get this once you take a sip" which seemed to do the trick. "This" being another game on the iPad, a game with grandma, whatever it took! After he started getting some fluids and eating some applesauce he was feeling a ton better.

See? Much better!
Since then it has kind of been a roller coaster, but at least a controllable one! He isn't really eating much so far, but the fluids have gotten much easier. He is ridiculously resistant to the pain meds, but we are starting to get that figured out somewhat. I am definitely ready for him to be feeling better!

I do have to say, as awful as this whole thing has been, something wonderful/strange has already come out of it. When I was going to bed last night, I discovered that when I walk by his and Delaney's rooms I always listen for their breathing. I don't think I ever really noticed that I did it before. The reason that I noticed it this time is because I couldn't hear his! Ever since he was a baby I could hear him breathing, and the past 8 months or so I could hear his freight train snoring. I had to actually step into his room to hear his breathing. Now, he is still snoring a bit right now due to the swelling and mucus in his throat, but it is so much calmer and quieter! It is wonderful to not be hearing constant gasping for air in the middle of a peaceful sleep! (And the fact that I can hear his sister's makes me nervous that we may be repeating this in a few years with her. Ugh!)

Thanks for sticking through this super long post (geez I do that a lot!)! Keep sending up prayers for his recovery, and if you could throw a prayer in there for him to realize that it is medicine and not cyanide, that would be swell...

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