April 28, 2012

Shopping trip this week!

I had a SUPER busy week! Between it being my last week at work, our garage sale, and the Little Britches consignment sale (more on that later), I was so happy to have enough food in the stockpile that I was able it through the week with only my milk stop and one other quick stop to Dillons over lunch one day.


Bananas: 6.38 pounds at sale price of $.33/lb= $2.11
Carefree liners: $1.00, had $.50/1 coupon, doubled to $1.00 (my last one- glad to have built up a nice stockpile of these now!)= FREE!!!
6-10 count allergy medicine= $1.00 each

Total with tax: $13.49


  1. Awesome deals! My kids fly through bananas like no other!

    1. Mine too! We have a local store that sells them for $.29/pound on Tuesdays, but I was more than happy to pay an extra $.04 a pound to not have to make the special stop!