April 27, 2012

It's official!!!!

As of 3:27 this afternoon, I can officially call myself a stay at home mom!

As excited I am about this, it was SUCH a hard, but awesome day.

Early on in the day I was given my going away present from Karen, my boss. It was PERFECT, and super cute!!! My SAHM survival kit:

Included in this awesome kit were:

-An apron (duh!)
-A little jar of M&Ms labeled "Mommy's Happy Pills"
-Dum dums (for making kids happy!)
-An egg timer
-A SUPER CUTE Vera Bradley wristlet wallet
-A Pizza Hut gift card (to take Karen out to lunch with)
-A Dollar Tree gift card (to buy a balloon to Delaney so I can keep track of her- kind of an inside joke)
-Magic towels (to entertain my children)
-A little Mom wall hanging and Wits and Wisdom book
-Mom Rocks wine glass
-And my favorite part: The little Biohazard planner. In the planner she entered in days that I need to come visit throughout the year! Had me cracking up!

Throughout the day I had several of my coworkers come tell me how much they enjoyed working with me and that I would really be missed. It was so incredibly sweet! 

We had a super delicious lunch of Famous Daves, therefore the entire staff was in a meat coma the remainder of the afternoon. I also got a super sweet card from our manager (and Shaun's aunt) Carmen with some restaurant gift cards for when I need a night out.

Finally, I got a card that the entire staff signed for me. It is crazy how one card can hold so many emotions. I had messages from people thanking me for some certain thing I had done for them. I had people telling me how they would miss me. I had people (a lot, actually) comment on how they were happy I would no longer be there to give them errors (a big part of my job was informing the staff when they had done something incorrectly) which I thought was hilarious! 

As my day started wrapping up, it was so weird. As I logged out of the computer, I realized that it would be the last time I would use my computer. I walked through the center to say goodbye to everyone, I realized that I was saying goodbye on my LAST DAY. Weird!!!! I was so proud of myself- saying my goodbyes with my eyes only getting a little watery. 

Then I clocked out. 

Don't ask me why, but this is what broke me. As I walked out of the center the tears just came. To make that even more awesome, a donor was walking in as I walked out of the building with a basket of stuff, so he probably thought I just got fired. Oh well... I cried about half the way home. Not only am I really going to miss my work people, I was also just so touched by all the kind words said to me throughout the day.

Picking up the kids for the last time at Barb's (their sitter) was much easier than I thought, partly because we will probably be paying her a visit on Monday to help her with something (we definitely don't mind having an excuse for a visit!). It was really hard to take that box filled with blankets, clothes, and extra diapers that have accumulated there in the past few years (hard enough, actually, that I am actually tearing up as I write this). Have I mentioned that we will miss her TERRIBLY?????

Overall, it was an amazing day. I don't think it will fully hit me for awhile- I am a stay at home mom. I am living my DREAM. I am so incredibly blessed to have such beautiful children to care for and a amazing husband who has worked incredibly hard to make this dream come true for me, and I am SO excited to start this next chapter in our family's life!

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