April 8, 2012

Shopping trips for this week

Ugh. This turned into one of those weeks when I felt like I was CONSTANTLY shopping. We had people over for Easter today, plus I had to buy for my meal plan, so I spent all week hitting stores trying to get everything I needed for the best prices I could. I usually don't really mind grocery shopping (really enjoy it, actually!) but this week was too much! I also felt like I could have gotten these down into MANY fewer trips, but I didn't do the best planing. :( Oh well, I did get some good deals and I can do better next week!


Two quarts of clearanced milk: $.70 each
4.73 pounds of bananas @ $.29/lb: $1.37
Gallon of milk: Free with full punch card

Total with tax: $3.01


Two baby washes: $1.49, had two $1/1 Up and up body wash coupons= $.49 each
Two Reynolds wrap foils: $3.49, had 2 $1.50/1 coupons (no longer available)= $1.99 each
Flip flops for Delaney: $2.50

Total with tax: $8.35


Crescent rolls: $1.88 each, had a $.50/2 coupon doubled to $1.00= $1.38 each
Marshmallows: $.99 each 
Two dozen eggs: $.99 each, had a $.50/2 coupon doubled to $1.00= $.49 each (we get free eggs from Shaun's grandma, but we needed white ones for egg dying!) 
Two Suave deodorants: $1.00 each, had 2 $.50/1 coupons $0.50/1 (Suave Deodorant Product 03/18/2012 RP Insert, exp 04/15/2012) , doubled to $1.00= FREE!!!!!

Total with tax: $7.62


2 packs Strawberries: $.99 each
Chicken breasts: $5.99 
2 pineapples: $.99 each
Tortilla chips: $1.19 
Beans: $2.29 
2 Cottage cheese: $2.29 each
3 sour cream: $.99 each
4 pounds Ground turkey: $1.49 each
4 tomato sauces: $.29 each
Flour tortillas: $.99 
2 Black beans: $.55 each
3 gallons skim milk: $2.74 each
2 gallons 2% milk: $2.80 each
2 cantaloupe: $.99 each
Quick oats: $1.99
Lemonade drink mix: $1.79
Flour: $1.48

Total with tax: $55.63

Target (again)

2 packs light bulbs: $3.89 each, had 2 $2/1 Target coupons, 2 $1/1 manufactuer's coupon (newspaper coupon): $.89 each (by the way- there are a good deal with just the Target coupons if you don't have the newspaper coupon!)
2 packs ibuprofen: $.99 each, had $1/2 Target coupon: $.49 each

Total with tax: $2.76

Dillons (again!!!)

12 Birds eye Steamfresh vegetables: $1.00, had 4 $1.00/3 coupons ($1/3 Birds Eye Steam Fresh Varieties 03/04/2012 RP Insert, exp 04/15/2012)= $.67 each
2 packs Philadelphia cream cheese: $1.00 each
1 jalapeno peppers: $.89 
Marshmallow creme: $2.00
Carefree pantyliners: $1.00, had 1 $.50/1 Carefree product coupon= FREE!!!!!!

Total with tax; $20.25

Dollar General 

(My hubby actually made this trip for me! He wasn't crazy about being handed a list and a stack of coupons, but he was a trooper!)

8 cans Libby's vegetables: $.50 each, had 2 $1.00/4 coupons (no longer available)= $.25 each
6 bottles Fantastik cleaner: $1.50 each, had 6 $.75/1 coupons ($0.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastik all purpose cleaner 03/25/2012 SS Insert, exp 05/05/2012)= $.75 each

Total with tax: $7.61


2 butters: $1.58 each  

Total with tax: $3.46 (I actually went in for several other things as well that were either out or turned out not to be as good as a deal as I hoped).

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