April 8, 2012

Menu plan

Here is my menu plan for the next couple weeks. I am just listing out the items that I have plans to make since I never make them the right nights anyway!

Chicken and noodles (from the freezer)
Breaded chicken
Lasagna casserole
Homemade pizza
Chicken and rice bake
Crispy SW chicken wraps
Pancakes and eggs
Beans and rice
Grabbit (come up with whatever you can!)/leftovers
Homemade pizza


  1. Ok I left a comment on some random entry I was reading of yours and I have no idea were it is. I had asked you a question about working and having time to coupon and I have no idea if you responded because I can't find what entry I was reading.

    1. Weird. I can't find the question. Maybe it didn't save?

      Couponing while you are working a full time job can be very difficult, especially at first. Some weeks I get a little behind on my couponing and just try to do the best I can. Something to keep in mind is that it takes a lot longer at first. When I first started I was spending probably 3-4 hours a week between clipping and organizing for my shopping trips. Since then I have streamlined my process. I now typically only spend 1-2 hours a week clipping coupons and planning my trips. There is some time spent shopping, but I can often get those trips in over my lunch hour, especially if I am picking up something that can sit in the car.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Yes thank you. I took a couponing class and the lady really stressed not going crazy and buying way more inserts than you need. She said a good rule is one paper for every member of your family. I am trying that.I have enjoyed reading your blog, it is really helpful. Thank you.