April 19, 2012

Shopping trips for this week

Um... so I am a little late in posting this. I realized this morning that I totally spaced it this past weekend. I guess with the tornado craziness I had other things on my mind! Sorry!

Anyway, after my ridiculous shopping trips week before last, I was so happy to have a more chilled week! I only made three grocery stops all last week and they were all very brief stops... I didn't get pictures of two(fail) but I will share!

The first stop was just to Ray's for milk!

The second stop was to Dillons, and happens to be an excellent example of why it is a great idea to sign up for free samples and coupon books!

1 bag of Craisin's: $1.49, used free item coupon= FREE!!!
One box of Comfort's diapers: $14.39, used free item store coupon= FREE!!!
One pack of Comfort's wipe: $1.99, used free item store coupon= FREE!!!
One container of Comforts snacks: $1.69, used free item store coupon= FREE!!!

Total with tax: $.13! (Because the Comforts coupons were store coupons I didn't have to pay tax so I only had to pay tax on the Craisins! Score!)

My last stop was at Dillons again. The west Dillons was moving across the parking lot and apparently they weren't allowed to move any meat or veggies, so they were marking everything down. I was really hoping for an awesome deal but truely didn't find much. But, I did get:

5.75 pounds of pork loin at $1.49/lb: $8.58 (I had them cut this into chop behind the counter for free! I just learned that you can do this! You get much more quality chops and pork loin is usually cheaper than individual chops! I love this "trick")

2.78 pound of apples: $.50/lb: $1.39

Total with tax: $10.80

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