September 24, 2012

Goal Making Monday: Getting ready for vaca!!!

Did okay, but not awesome last week...

  • Keep up with the daily chore list (no, really!!!)- Almost did perfect on this! I got super busy toward the end of the week so I didn't finish great. But I have definitely improved!
  • Continue to work on getting to bed by 10 pm and get up before 7 am- Almost perfect on this, too! Just a few nights I didn't make it to bed on time! I also was up by 7 am every morning except the one where the kiddos were staying at grandmas- who can blame me???!!!
  • Do one craft with kids- FAIL!
  • Organize a playgroup to take place in the next couple of months (I have been a part of a mom's group since I started staying home and am feeling like it is time for me to start setting up some activities instead of just going to them! I can't really have it at home since I live out of town so I have to figure out a location. Hoping I can come up with something fun!)- I haven't set anything up for sure, but I am working on this!
  • Work on sight words with Jameson and speech temptations with Delaney- Only got to work on this a little, but did do it!
  • Prepare Sunday school for the next two weeks since I will not be there the last weekend of September
  • Drop off Little Britches items Thursday morning and work volunteer shift Thursday night
  • Enjoy some shopping at Little Britches with the hubby on Friday night followed by a late anniversary dinner!

Goals for this week:
  • Continue to work on getting to bed by 10 am and be up by 7 am.
  • Have house cleaned up prior to leaving for vacation
  • Get family packed up prior to leaving
  • Stay within budget while on vacation
  • Enjoy some family time during vacation!!!!

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