September 3, 2012

Goal making Monday: First Week? Not too shabby!

Let me first say this- I am SOOOO wishing I would have started this sooner! I found myself to be much more motivated this week! Even when I just wasn't feeling like getting things done, I got my butt in gear so I wouldn't have to report that I bombed my first week! Plus, I was even more motivated on things that I didn't have on my goals sheet! I definitely didn't do perfect, but I think I did pretty well!

1. Make final organizations to Sunday School curriculum and get delivered to the education building
2. Take kids to a play group/organized activity (this ended up being a playdate with my friend who was in from out of town. I was planning to do something with more kids, but my desire to spend time with my friend and her little boy trumped my original plan, and I still achieved my goal!)
3. Keep up with daily cleaning list. I definitely didn't do perfectly on this as I didn't do all of the additional daily tasks, but I did keep up with the regular daily chores which is a big improvement!
4. Do at least 2 "school work" times with kids- This didn't really happen so much. I tried to get the kids in on it once, but they both just wanted to color, so I let them do that instead.
5. Use cups at meals to get Jameson accustomed to using cups for preschool- Achieved this for every meal we ate at home! He is doing much better with cups now!
6. Start reading "I love you Rituals" recommended by Lona, the development specialist helping Delaney with her speech-  Well, I did "start" it, and by that I mean that I read the first page! Eek! I did decide to download it on my eReader since I just hate reading a "real" book now! How ridiculous am I???
7. Do at least 1 craft with kids- Didn't get to this. Oh well!
8. Get packed/prepared for Daniel's wedding this weekend!- Not to brag, but I totally get a gold star on this one. I felt super organized and even left a mostly clean house! See what I mean about being more motivated this week???
9. Buy Daniel and Ashley's wedding gift- Ended up order this online to pick up in the store and my mama ended up picking it up for me! Huge help for me! Though, with the chaos of being a bridesmaid, wife to a groomsman, and mother to the flower girl and ring bearer, the gift never made it inside! I guess they will be getting a late gift from us next week!
10. Head to Burlington on Friday and pretty much be at Miss Ashley's disposal for the weekend! :)- I had SUCH a blast with this wedding! I really enjoyed hanging out with Ashley and her bridesmaids and spending sometime with my family. Their wedding was beautiful, and I cried SEVERAL times. It was such a fabulous weekend!

See? I didn't do too bad at all! Here are the goals for this week!

1. Keep up with my daily chore list
2. Do at least one school work activity with my kids
3. Do at least one craft with the kiddos
4. Read more of "I love you Rituals"
5. Spend at least two hours tagging for Little Britches
6. Get meal plan and grocery shopping done for the next two weeks
7. Prepare toddler Sunday school class and do last preparations for Mountains of Faith Sunday school
8. Give my little boy a wonderful 4th birthday
9. Prepare for and attend Kansas State football game with the hubby!
10. Prepare for and attend the Kansas State Fair with my family!
11. Get in some outdoor time with the wonderful weather we should have at the end of the week!

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