September 10, 2012

Goal Making Monday: Geez that was a busy week!

Last week didn't go too well. I wasn't feeling too great on Monday and Tuesday due to a combination of pregnancy making me super tired and my allergies being OUT OF CONTROL!!! Normally I just push through these kinds of things, but being pregnant I think it is really important to listen to your body so I decided to take it easy. The rest of the week was crazy busy! Luckliy my wonderful hubby helped me with a lot, but I still didn't accomplish a few things. Oh well!

1. Keep up with my daily chore list- this was apparently a week of just "Keep the house livable" and that was only accomplished because Shaun helped out a lot
2. Do at least one school work activity with my kids This was Jameson doing a school work page and Delaney doing some coloring- that works!
3. Do at least one craft with the kiddos When I went to Dollar Tree to get some final things for Sunday school I found some cute little crafty things. I got a ton of stickers since they have been all about the stickers lately and I think that pulling them off the sticker pages helps with their fine motor development so I am following their lead! We made some cute little bags with stickers and glitter glue, which cost about $3, and I still have a ton of stickers, glitter glue, and even one bag left, so it was actually even way less than $3!
4. Read more of "I love you Rituals" Got a bit more read. I am loving some things in this book but I am not really on board with others, so it is sometimes hard to get into. But I am working on it! 
5. Spend at least two hours tagging for Little Britches- I only ended up spending maybe 45 minutes on this- yikes!
6. Get meal plan and grocery shopping done for the next two weeks
7. Prepare toddler Sunday school class and do last preparations for Mountains of Faith Sunday school
8. Give my little boy a wonderful 4th birthday We had his party a couple of weeks ago, so this was just kept simple. We ended up going to Pizza Hut for dinner since Pizza is his FAVORITE! Then we had cake at home and opened a few presents. I think he had fun! 
9. Prepare for and attend Kansas State football game with the hubby! Had a great time and what an awesome game!
10. Prepare for and attend the Kansas State Fair with my family! We had a wonderful time! 
11. Get in some outdoor time with the wonderful weather we should have at the end of the week! I hoped to get more of this in, but it didn't happen partly because it was so busy and partly because it was a lot hotter than it was supposed to be! But we did go to the Blue Valley high school game on Friday and the kids had a blast!

Goals for this week:
  1.            Find out the baby’s gender Monday night, go to dinner to celebrate!
    2.       Finish tagging for Little Britches (has to be a priority- last day to enter is the 16th!!!)
    3.       Take Delaney to a library story-time while Jameson attends preschool
    4.       Initiate some "communication temptations" for Delaney around the house (She is really doing great on catching her speech up, these will give her more opportunities to use her words!)
    5.       Prepare for toddler Sunday school and print off schedule hardcopies to keep at church
    6.       Keep up with daily chore list- this may be a little difficult since I have to get tagging done! I’ll of course keep the house livable, but extra cleaning has to go on the back burner this week!
    7.       Do one craft with the kids
    8.       Do one school work/ coloring activity with kiddos
    9.       Start making it a priority to go to bed before 10 o’clock and get up before 7 o’clock (I was AWESOME at this when I first started staying home, but my morning sickness switched me to survival mode. Now that I am feeling better I need to start getting up earlier again! I can get so much more done when I get up before the kids!)
    10.   Attend the K-State game with the hubby!

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