June 2, 2012

Shopping trips

There were two things that pleased me greatly about my shopping trips this week:

1. Because I have been finding some awesome deals lately and have gotten more proficient at basing my meal plans on what I have, I had very minimal amount of shopping to do.
2. Shaun came home from work early, so I got to go grocery shopping BY MYSELF!!!! Pretty much the best gift that man can give me.

Anyway, here are the deals:


10 packs of shredded cheese: $.98 each (no, we have not gone through my major cheese stock up from a few weeks ago, but cheese has a pretty long shelf life and when you catch it for under $1.00 and it fits in your budget, you stock up!)
2 packs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts: $1.68/lb


Ground turkey: $1.49 each
Tortillas $.99
Cantalope: $1.29
Pineapple: $1.29
Blueberries: $1.49
Tortilla chips: $.99
Crackers: $1.69
Graham crackers: $1.49
Pinto beans: $.99
Kidney beans: $.59
Butter: $2.29


Brown rice: $.70
Black beans: $1.59
3 ears corn: 3/$1
2 containers sour cream: $1.25 each

In total I kept all my groceries under $50 for two weeks of meals! I will have to make other stops for produce and milk, of course, but building that stockpile really helps!

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