September 17, 2011

My Mega event score!

I have been waiting for a good shopping trip to post, and I was pretty proud of my Dillon's trip this morning, so I thought I would share!

Dillons was having a Mega Event sale which means that they give $5 for ever 10 selected items you buy. My total before my plus card and coupons was $109.72. After my plus card and coupons my total was $49.24- a 58% savings. Here is the breakdown!

Oscar Meyer select turkey hot dogs- Had a free item coupon from a Facebook promo

Balance Bar- $1.39- $.55 coupon double to $1.00= $.39 (Not a super awesome deal, but I was needing a         snack to finish my shopping trip!)

Mail envelope- $.71- had to ship a book from a purchase

Wheat bread- marked down to $.39 a loaf (I stock up on clearance bread and put it in the freezer)

Kroger broccoli (2 bags) $1 each (not an awesome deal, but we were needing some veggies)

Carefree panty liners (6 packs)- Regular price at $1, had 6 $.55 coupons that doubled to $1= $.09 a pack

Kroger shredded 2% cheese- Regular price at $1.88- I haven't really started buying ahead on these yet- buying ahead on cheese and meat is my next mission!

Steak- $2.99/lb- pack was $3.08

Farmland sausage links- $1 a piece, coupon for $1 off any Farmland product= free! 

Gerber graduates lil'meals (2 cups)- Regular priced at $.99 each, used two $.55 off Gerber graduates products coupons= free!

Gallon of whole milk- $2.99, had a $1 off any milk coupon= $1.99

Can of spaghetti sauce- $.89

Mega event items (I noted the prices with the $.50 off the item you for buying 10)

Gilette shave cream- Had a free item coupon from writing to the company

Simply juice lemonade- $.99, had a $1.00 off Simply juice lemonade coupon= $.01 overage

Frosted Cheerios- $1.99, had a $1.00 off any Cheerios coupon= $.99

Cheerios (2 boxes)- $1.99 each, had two $.55 original Cheerios coupons that double to $1- $.99 each

Kraft 2% cheese (5 packs)- $1.99 each, no coupon, but we like to stick with the 2% cheese and these are typically over $4 a pack!

Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal- $4.49, had a $1 off coupon= $3.49

Fiber One bars and brownies (total of 3 boxes)- $2.49 each, had three $.40 coupons that doubled to $.80= $1.69 each

Yoplait 32 oz Yogurts (6 tubs)- $1.49 each, had 6 $.55 coupons that doubled to $1= $.49 each

I also had an Aldi trip this morning where I got the rest of my milk and produce, and a few other things. These groceries will last us 2 weeks with a small trip next weekend to get more milk and produce. Thanks for letting me share my awesomeness!!! :)


  1. Impressive! But I thought Dillons wasn't doubling coupons anymore. Maybe it's just Kroger stores?

  2. Dillons is! I am going to be super bummed if they stop!

  3. I just looked it up and it looks like that is a Kroger thing. I guess some of them stopped doubling coupons back when they stopped allowing you to stack digital with manufacturer. It would make me really mad if Dillons stopped doubling!

  4. you should be proud!! Excellent shopping trip! I love a good, honest coupon experience!

  5. Brandy! I am super impressed! Kudos to you! I bow down....LOL!!!

  6. You have got to tell me where you get all those coupons. :)